EDF Energy Community Fund

As part of the Section 106 Agreement for the construction of the Hinkley Point C power station, Somerset Community Foundation will be managing the EDF Energy Community Fund to help local communities mitigate the impacts of the development and maximise the opportunities that arise from the development. 

The Section 106 Agreement sets out the scope of the fund as:

Mitigating the intangible and residual impacts of (Hinkley Point C) on the communities in (Somerset) through schemes, measures and projects which promote the economic, social or environmental well-being of those communities and enhance their quality of life”.

What we are doing now

To help us get ready we are beginning to put together the Awards Panel that will take decisions on applications. The Awards Panel will include representatives from local councils, EDF Energy, SCF Trustees as well as up to three independent members.  The first panel meeting will take place on 11th August.

What we are doing next

An important aspect of the Fund is to improve community quality of life. To help us understand community priorities, we will soon be commissioning a short project to review existing community plans and strategies. We will also give people a chance to contribute directly, so that we can better understand their local priorities.

When will funds be made available?

We anticipate announcing the first call for applications in the autumn of 2017.

Meanwhile, funding is available now from the Hinkley Point Community Impact Mitigation Fund, managed by West Somerset Council. You can read about the Fund here:


Staying in touch

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