Somerset Community Foundation is committed to ensuring that we maximise the benefit that the local community receives from our grant funding, and we monitor and evaluate all grants we have awarded. 

We would urge you to take time to read through these notes and to understand why we monitoring projects and what information we will eventually ask you to supply should you be successful in your application for funding.

Why do we monitor projects?

The most obvious reason is that Somerset Community Foundation is itself required to be accountable for the grants it makes and therefore we need to know that the grant has been used for its intended purposes.

We are committed to making sure that our grants have the greatest possible impact on people in our community. Monitoring grant awards increases our understanding of what has made projects work most effectively and what has been less successful so that we are better able to assess future applications.

The monitoring process is also designed to help your organisation to review your achievements, repeat what has been successful and learn from areas that have not worked as well as you had hoped and so improve the services your offer.

The process

Monitoring and end of grant forms help us to collect information in a uniform way.

Monitoring normally takes place six months after you receive your grant award payment, but for short-term projects we may carry out monitoring sooner. The monitoring form asks whether the project started on time, how much money has been spent, what the money has been spent on, and whether you are experiencing any problems.

At the end of your project we will ask you to complete the end of grant form. This is a more detailed form which asks how you have met the objectives of the project and what the impact of the work has been. You should include a breakdown of expenditure, pictures, copies of publicity or anything else that illustrates the impact the project has had on the community.

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