Do you have the skills to make a difference in Somerset?

Are you interested in joining a unique and successful charity, serving the county of Somerset?

We are seeking highly motivated people who share our commitment to Somerset to join our Board of trustees, contributing to the strategic leadership; good governance and financial management  of the Foundation; our overall growth and impact; and the further development of our leadership role across the county.

We have up to four vacancies to fill and we are looking for people who will:


*Our endowment fund is co-invested with three other Community Foundations’ funds as part of an overall fund worth more than £30m across three investment managers

About Somerset Community Foundation

Somerset Community Foundation (SCF, registered charity 1094446) is a catalyst for vibrant, inclusive communities where voluntary organisations and social enterprises thrive, transforming and enhancing the lives of the most disadvantaged people.

Established fifteen years ago, we have -to date- invested over £7million into our local communities by awarding small grants and social investments to grassroots charities, community groups, individuals, and social enterprises. We manage the £13million Hinkley Point C Community Fund, we developed the award-winning Surviving Winter programme, we led the 2014 £1.5million Somerset Flood Relief Fund appeal, and we piloted the innovative Raising Aspirations mentoring project.

Today our annual grant-making regularly exceeds £600,000, the majority of which is from philanthropic sources, and we continue to build a long-term endowment fund, which currently stands at £5million, for the long-term benefit of our county. We believe we are the largest independent supporter of local charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises in Somerset.

We are an ambitious Community Foundation with goals to increase our impact, particularly by:

Our Board’s commitment to good governance, sound financial management and clear strategic leadership has been the cornerstone of our success and we have vacancies available in key roles, which are essential to our future success: 


VCSE/Community Development

We are looking for someone who can help develop the Board’s strategic thinking regarding priority issues in Somerset’s communities, the role of local VCSE organisations in those issues, and how SCF can strengthen the effectiveness of these organisations through funding and leadership.

In addition to attending full Board meetings, you will be expected to join our Grants Committee and Community Impact Committee, working alongside other trustees and co-opted members to develop our overall strategy and make decisions on grant applications.

About you…

You may be currently working for a local VCSE organisation, or serving on its board, or you may have insight and expertise from a more strategic role. Experience of grant-making would be useful but not essential.

Philanthropy/Major Donor Development

SCF is the leading promotor of philanthropy in Somerset, providing opportunities for donors to give locally in simpler and more effective ways. We do this by developing strong relationships with donors to help them fulfil their giving goals, and where necessary, helping them define those goals.

We are looking for someone who can help us improve the service we provide to our existing fund-holders, develop new ways of working with them, and create broader interest among those with the wealth to make significant donations. You will also help us identify and mobilise other non-financial philanthropic assets in our communities.

About you…

You will have experience of working with major donors, and should be able to encourage strategic approaches to giving and/or developing philanthropic interest among High Net Worth Individuals. In addition to attending Board meetings, you will help establish and guide the work of our Philanthropy Committee.


We currently hold a £5million endowment which is co-invested with three other Community Foundations in a combined fund worth over £30million. The co-invested fund is spread across three investment managers overseen by a committee with trustees from each participating Foundations. They have responsibility for developing investment policy, selecting investment managers, managing their performance and reporting back to their respective Boards.

Income from our endowment fund contributes significantly to our grant-making and to the running costs of the Foundation. It is an essential part of our business model, particularly to meet the changing needs of our communities. We therefore aim to significantly grow our endowment fund in the coming years.

About you…

We are looking for someone to join our Board and represent SCF on the Co-Investment Committee (which meets quarterly, usually in Bristol). You will have considerable investment experience and, preferably, an understanding of the rules and recommended practice which govern charities’ approaches to investing financial assets.


How to apply

To apply please send a CV or equivalent and a covering letter to Kirsty Campbell by Sunday 15 October.

If you wish to discuss the role(s) before applying, please contact Justin Sargent or Mary Hancock on 01749 344949.

Short-listed candidates will be interviewed by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and the Chief Executive of Somerset Community Foundation on Tuesday 31 October.

Somerset Community Foundation is an Equal Opportunities employer, and we extend those principles to the recruitment of Board members and volunteers.

Please note the role of trustee is entirely voluntary. In exceptional circumstances, expenses may be reimbursed.

Somerset Community Foundation do not have any paid vacancies available at the moment, but if you are interested in volunteering on a regular basis, please contact Mary Hancock on or 01749 344949.


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